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About us




What we do

Global Store Ltd gives you a chance to quickly and easily find the Bike, stroller or any product you want and have it delivered to your home in no time, regardless of your location.


Why choose us

We have been in the business for quite a while now, and it that time we have not only managed to make close relationships with numerous suppliers all over the world, but also to recognize what people need. This means that we are always able to offer all the latest Bikes,Electronics. Strollers, great prices, reliable service, fast delivery and premium customer support.


Technology is best when it brings people together

- Matt Mullenweg


Our values


Global Store Ltd website was launched in 2016, but its story actually began some 8 years before that when a group of college friends decided to go into business together. We started selling Electronics in shops, but our combined ambition, drive and abilities soon made us look for new challenges and new markets. Starting an online shop provided for both and allowed us to develop a strong international presence in a number of countries. Global Store Ltd is registered in Canada, USA and the UK with warehouse in several countries to get closer to our customer base.


Collective experience of our team members and the years we have spent in the business allowed us to develop a vast network of suppliers, ensuring that our customers will always find what they are looking for. This also means that we are able to offer great prices, which are constantly being updated and follow the shifts in the market.